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The 20 starter years is the time it takes to build that big life you want. A life where you have consistent daily habits. A life with a strong career path. A life with deep connections to friends, family, and maybe also a partner and children - if you want them. A life where you have the confidence to live independently as an adult.

Not only can have it all, but
plan to have it all.


Our Founder

Angela Shaw

I founded The 20 Starter Years Planning & Stationery brand for people who plan to have it all.

Behind the brand is my story.

A stack of linen planners with the golden edges of the pages facing out - stacked from brown, beige, sage, blue, navy, pink to fuchsia (bottom to top). You can also see they each have a matching elastic closure

120gsm pages

You will love having the
gold-edged 120gsm want-to-write-on-me pages open next to you while you work

Weekly layout shown, with equal space for every day and columns to organise your weeks

Vertical Weekly Layout

Weekly layout with equal space for every day and three boxes daily for gratitude, meals, priorities, or habits.


Write your own One Page Plan

Guided planning templates to help you write, implement, and follow your own One Page Plan to make progress in the areas of consistency, career, connections, and confidence.




To elevate your planning, you can add our Write Now sticky notes and Plan to have it all pens to your routine. The sticky notes are customised to fit our planners perfectly, and are used in the Meal Planning and Shopping List layouts so they can be used week in and week out to keep you organised.

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Let's get started

Here is a collection of guides for how to get started with planning using our system.

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Quick introduction to The Planning System

I developed a One Page Plan for my own life and have now used this to develop my own planning system. This system is based on my management experience, strategy expertise, passion...


Bring your plans to life

One page at a time

Using the 'Gift list' planner layout

Do you get stressed when suddenly it is someone special's birthday and you have no idea what to get? Use a gift list! Write down gift ideas over the year...

Using our 'Sleep tracker' layout

  Sleep tracker In the 31-day sleep tracker mark the hours during the day / night you slept to identify patterns and improve. You do not need to start from...

Using our 'Recommendations' planner layout

  Recommendations Log everything and anything people recommend to you at the back of your planner on the Recommendations lists – next time you want something great to do, you’ll...