Log everything and anything people recommend to you at the back of your planner on the Recommendations lists – next time you want something great to do, you’ll know where to find something to do.

To watch

Get your friend that knows the best binge-worthy shows and ask them what is worth watching. Stop the endless scroll of trying to find a good show to invest in the next time you have a few hours to kill on a streaming service.

To listen to

Whether you are into podcasts, audiobooks, or music, here is where to log all the must-listen-to recommendations made to you. Find new friends in your ears for when you need something fresh to listen to.

To read

Books, articles, online blogs - if there is something you want to read but do not have time right now, write it down. Order a good book online from your list. For bonus points, check out some young and emerging fiction or finance writers who work in the media such as Jessie Stephens, Emma Young, Antoinette Lattouf, and Victoria Devine.

To follow

When you hear about an influencer that is interesting in the wild, write it down so you don't forget their handle when you go to track them down,

To go to

When you hear about a great new restaurant, event, excursion or holiday spot make sure you take note of it so that you have some ideas when an opportunity arises to book into go somewhere interesting.

To try

If there are some cool new products, technology, or beauty product you are excited to look into further, write it down to check it out later. Maybe a friend has a cool new bag you want to scope out later, or someone mentions how handy their Airtags are - write it down so you can look into it later.

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  Keep track of recommendations people make to you and write them down on our Recommendations planner layout

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