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Angela presenting to a business meeting

Are you looking for a gift for your staff that will inspire, delight, and excite them?

If the answer is yes, then this is the year that you buy them a 2023 Planner with the tools they need inside to write their own One Page Plan. They will design objectives to support consistency, career, confidence, and connections goals.

Designed by an MBA and mother-of-four working in health care, these planners have the tools inside to get your staff members organised.

You are giving them a framework to succeed in 2023, but also giving them a planner that leaves them alone week to week with a minimal edge-to-edge layout with equal space for every day, and one whole page each week for notes, to-dos, and reminders.

The planners themselves are high quality, come in six colours, and have linen covers with 120gsm paper with gold edges. They have gold stamped covers that are matched to the gift box they come inside, and both will be used over the year to curate and store their memories.

Each planner has the tools inside to assist them to set objectives for the year, along with support for budgeting, cleaning, mood tracking, sleep tracking, to do lists, recommendations list, gift list, flexible trackers for their goals, and guidance for collecting work examples for when they apply for their next promotion.

Corporate Gifts

You can order planners in bulk for your staff at wholesale rates for 20 or more planners. Contact for pricing and colour options.

Planning day activity

Our founder Angela Shaw can run a one hour workshop for your team to walk them through how they can write their One Page Plan for the year ahead.

Each staff member will receive a planner and pen as part of the package, along with templates to complete in the session. Sensitivity is given to the personal nature of goal setting, and so the worked examples in the workshop are designed to be light-hearted but inform them how they can plan their own items for real and the importance of the process.

Different tiers of pricing are available depending on number of staff you would like involved.

Angela is experienced presenting to both small and large events with several hundred people and so any level of event is invited to enquire. 

Corporate gift and event enquiries

Please email to request a proposal for your event.