Write Now sticky notes

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Our Write Now sticky notes are designed to be used in our 2023 Planners for the meal planning and shopping list layout function, along with weekly to dos.

Big ones


Fit perfectly on the  shopping list page, or can be used on the weekly layout.

Dot gridded to make writing and ticking off boxes a breeze. Colour: Parchment.

Long rectangles


Designed to stick across the meal planner pages to change each week or as page markers. Colours: Taupe and Jacaranda.

Short rectangles


Designed to fit perfectly in the column of the weekly layout for any day, in case more room is needed or if there is the need to highlight an event.

Dot grid design for ease of noting items and making lists. Colours: Taupe, Jacaranda, and Parchment.

Advice for using sticky notes

Note that the intention of sticky notes in a planner is for weekly use, and then to be discarded. This is because using sticky notes on multiple pages bulks up the pages and can make the planner chunky. 

Thinner gsm for sticky notes can reduce this issue, but thin sticky notes are no fun at all to write on or use. 

We have aimed for a compromise with a medium thickness sticky note that feels nice to write on, alongside the advice of not using too many in your planner at one time.



  • Sticky note set: 210H 140W 7D


  • Sticky note set: 115g

Design and Manufacturing

All products designed in Australia and made in China.