I have developed a planning system for people who feel like me; who are strangely both succeeding in some areas of their life, while also stalling in others, at the same time. 

I developed a One Page Plan for my own life and have now used this to develop my own planning system. This system is based on my management experience, strategy expertise, passion for bullet journaling, organisation skills as a mum-of-four, and my art and design background.  

I saw an opportunity to put the ‘plan’ back into the planner, and made one myself. 

Which brings me to you.

I have created this planning system for you. 

Maybe you have also made progress in one or two areas of your life at the expense of others. Maybe you want more for yourself than what you have now. Maybe you want to be more deliberate and intentional with your time.

I wanted to create beautiful products integrated planning tools and resources that you would be proud to use, but that first and foremost you feel you must use because they support your daily life.

I also wanted to leave you alone! 

To let you enjoy your life and let planning slide a week or two when you need it. You deserve a break sometimes. You will not use your planner every day, week or month and that is normal. It is there for when you need it. It is a tool for you to use and not a life sentence.

You are welcome to use my planners, or one of your own, feel free to apply my advice in way that suits you. 

Let’s get started.

Here is a quick video explaining each step of the planning cycle.


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