What is in a name?

A frequently asked question we have on our DMs is what is the difference between a diary and planner. 

Put simply:

  • A diary is a notebook that is organised by weeks or days and can be dated or undated.
  • A planner is a diary with additional support for planning your days and weeks. It may have resources for goal planning, organising, and a whole bunch of hand-holding for how to run your life. 

While we call our products a 'Planner', the way that they are designed with a minimal layout with planning tools and resources at the front and back means they can be used as both. For people who want support to make progress in their long-term goals, they will delight in all the tools and tricks available in addition to the 2023 diary parts.

If you want a 2023 diary the planning resources will not be in the way for day-to-day diary management. You may even find yourself coming to us for a beautiful new diary, and leave with your life planned and in order.

The layout for the diary pages in our 2023 planner is designed for equal space for every day with columns and lines to organise your day by time or task. There is a whole page each week for your to dos, notes, and reminders.

We apologise in advance for making your goals more achievable and realistic than ever before. It can be a burden to have thought of everything to help your plan your days to live the life you want.

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