What I do at work

Writing a killer resume is as simple of collecting great work examples in the moment that they have occurred to ensure that you have the ready to go when needed, with all the relevant facts recorded. 

At the back of your diary - and built into our Planners - is your'What I do at work' list. Write the core five competencies for your current job across the top of the page. Then put the headings for Responsibilities, Tasks, Achievements, and Notes going down the page.

Many people remember perhaps responsibilities that they have, or tasks that they do frequently, but the detail that will make you a stand-out candidate for your next job is remembering achievements that you have made in your job. Particularly ones that can be quantified.

  • Have you increased sales, and by how much?
  • Have you reduced inefficiency in an office process? How much time have you saved?
  • Have you reduced the number or duration of regular meetings in your team? How much many additional hours has this increased productivity each week?

The most frustrating thing is to get the opportunity to apply for your dream job, but to have only a small amount of time to prepare your application. The things that tend to be left out are the nuances of what you have achieved, and the numbers that describe the value of what you have done. 

Record this as you go, making sure that you review and write down your achievements regularly. 

This can help your career in three ways:

  1. When you get the opportunity to apply for a job, you will have fantastic examples ready to go and be able to write that killer resume in the time you have available.
  2. When you have a salary review in your existing role, you will have worked examples of why you deserve more money and the value you are offering to your current job.
  3. You can remind yourself of what you do well in your current role, which may be challenging if you are working in an environment where you do not get this acknowledgement. Seeing your accomplishments written down can assist your wellbeing.


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 Writing your best resume is built right into our planners

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