Gift list

Do you get stressed when suddenly it is someone special's birthday and you have no idea what to get? Use a gift list! Write down gift ideas over the year as you see them.

Organise your gift ideas into three categories:
1. Gifts for you
2. Gifts for someone else in particular
3. Gifts for anyone

A gift list is essential if you have tricky people to buy for! Sometimes you will think of the perfect gift for a friend but a birthday or gift occasion is not around the corner so it seems silly to buy it already. But then you worry that you will forget about it completely when you need it; or worse, that you will buy it and also forget about it.

I often get asked why there is a lift for yourself. I always keep a column for myself as I find it bit hard to be put on the spot and brainstorm presents for myself when asked. This way I have a few ideas that I want ready to go and I am not just suggesting any random thing I may not want or need. I hate getting something that I will not use or like, but I also hate having to come up with something on the spot.

Our planners come with a gift list printed inside, to prompt you to write down great gift ideas when you see them and be ready for a gifting occasion later.
A gift list is the easiest way to be organised - and an opportunity to be thoughtful among and within the pressures of daily life.

Let me know how you use yours!


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