Starter washi tape

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Have some fun with your stationery.

Our decorative tape collections match our planners, pen, notepad, and stickers, and put the fun in functional.

The washi tapes either perfectly match or complement all the colours of our planners and use our full colour palette for future planned collections.


Life Moments set

  • Life Moments print
  • Taupe
  • Fuchsia

The gorgeous Life Moments illustrations reflect potential life moments and come reflecting all our signature colours with a feminine feel. The plain tapes in this set are Taupe and Fuchsia and can be either matched or contrasted to the choice of planner colour.

This set matches perfectly to the Taupe and Fuchsia planners but will complement any colour in our planner range. 

The colours in this set match the dot grid A6 notebooks in the Life Moments set.

Business Class set

  • Circle motif print
  • ANNUAL LEAVE printed white on Oat Milk tape
  • THIS PAGE HAS BEEN LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK printed with blank ink on white tape

The Business Class collection is a must-have for any planner, featuring neutral colours and fantastic function.

The circle motif design matches to the inside pages of our planners, providing a nice feature. 

The This page has been intentionally left blank tape make the weeks where the planner is not used a feature and not a failing. If you have a blank page and you feel bad about it, put this tape along it for an instant uplift in your mood.

The Annual Leave tape can be used down the sides of pages or on the page to signal when time off is approaching.

The colours of this set are designed to pair nicely with any of our planners or products, and the best options for a match are the Parchment and Graphite colours. You can also buy a dot grid A6 notebook set in the Business Class range, which features River, Truffle and circle print covers.

Love Seasons set

  • Love Seasons print
  • Cerulean
  • Jacaranda

The delightful Love Seasons print reflects the four different times of year. It can be used across the year in your planner to mark the change of seasons, for example on the monthly layouts.

The plain tapes in this set are Cerulean and Jacaranda.

This set was designed to match perfectly to the Cerulean and Tan Planners and will complement any other colour in our planner range. It also reflects the same colour choices as the dot grid A6 notebooks in the Love Seasons set.


  • Three rolls of tape per set
  • Each tape is five metre long
  • One centimetre wide tapes
  • Can be cut or torn to desired size



  • Tape (one): 40H 40W 10D
  • Tape (set of three): 70H 70W 35D


    • Tape (one): 4g
    • Tape (set): 17g

    Design and Manufacturing

    All products designed in Australia and made in China. Life Moments and Love Seasons illustrations designed by a Ukrainian artist.